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Captain's Log | Thursday 18th of February 2016

php mess detector is incorrectly reporting Cyclomatic Complexity | phpmd cache phpdepend

You ran phpmd from the command line and your code exceeded the cyclomatic complexity threshold. You fixed the code (moved some logic to private methods) and ran the command again but it's still reporting the same threshold.

phpdepend's cache isn't working correctly, a dependency of phpmd:
rm ~/.pdepend/ -rf
Job done.
Optional: vim ~/.bashrc
+alias phpmd='echo "deleting pdepend cache, please wait... (see ~/.bashrc for alias setup)" && rm ~/.pdepend/ -rf && /usr/bin/phpmd';

Can't delete long path name | Microsoft Windows longpathenametool script del cmd command line file

from cmd.exe
rmdir /S /Q <dir>
If that fails, install 7Zip File Manager and you can delete them that way with SHIFT+DEL

book review: The Art of Computer Programming | Vol 1 Fundamental Algorithms 3rd Edition

Some books don't work well as audio books, this one doesn't work at all. It was design as a classroom text books with a lot of exercises and technical detail which I felt needed to be viewed to be understood, as I didn't have a clue. I won't be listening to Vol 2 or 3.